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Non-surgical Vein Treatments

Dr David Pratt is a certified Sclerotherapist with the Australasian College of Sclerotherapy. 

Dr Pratt offers non-surgical varicose vein treatments in our medical treatment rooms at HUR Medical Cosmetics. 

He is a London trained doctor with many years experience in Surgery, Emergency Medicine and General Practice. As a surgical trainee in Vascular Surgery in England some years ago, he frequently assisted in procedures to remove Varicose Veins in the operating theatre and observed directly what an unwieldy procedure it could be and became aware of the complications that could arise. Ultrasound was not routinely used and errors could occur due to incorrectly identifying the vessels being operated on. He was aware at the time that there were non-surgical methods of treating veins, but it was difficult to get reliable information on how this should be done. Dr Pratt trained with the Australian College of Phlebology and attended national and international meetings to learn the latest methods in vein treatment.

There are many people who suffer with venous disorders of the limb in silence, thinking that extensive surgery is required to improve their quality of life. Spider veins and varicose veins can be dealt with, in most cases, by injections and laser treatments within our clinic, minimising down time and eliminating operating theatres and hospital stays. 

Any patients coming to see Dr Pratt will be assessed of their venous health by careful questioning, examination, and an assessment of any varicose veins by ultrasound. Followed by the preparation of a treatment plan which will involve direct vision and/or ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and appointments for follow-up. Compression stockings will be prescribed at this point.

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